Vicky on Podcasts

This week on Gills Talk, Kristen interviews Vicky Vásquez. Vicky is a shark biologist that is studying lost sharks. What is a lost shark? You'll have to listen to find out! We learn about how Vicky discovered a new species of shark and how much we can learn from museum curations. Kristen and Vicky also deep dive into a conversation about science communication, talking about its challenges and pay-offs.

It's deep. It's dark. A big, soft, pink body is barely disturbing the water. You don't even know it's coming. You're not worried. Then its jaws shoot out of its mouth super fast! And that's how it gets you. Goblin Shark! Marine biologist Vicky Vásquez joins Katrina and Guy to talk about this very cool shark.

A familiar voice returns to the show, our former co-host shark scientist Vicky Vásquez comes at us with a live report from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. There she gets introduced to one of the best-preserved examples of ancient sharks the world has seen. In addition, our own Francis Farabaugh tells us about the SharkCon, an annual event in Florida where she gave a talk about her experiences and research.

Happy Halloween! It is #Sharktober and the Ocean Science Radio team wants to learn the facts behind the festivals and learn about.. well, Sharks!

The Ocean Science Radio team is back with a brand new team member. In this episode, we chat with Liz Taylor about the Alameda submarine and ROV company, DOER.

60 years ago today the Trieste made the historic trip to be the first manned vehicle to go to the deepest part of the ocean and come back up again. Join the team as we chat with Don Walsh who made the incredible journey.